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Kompact Grid is the biggest renewable energy trader, part of the Midas & Kompact Grid Group, active on the market since 2007. The company operates 15 wind parks and 3 photovoltaic parks, with an aggregate power of 494MW and also, trades on average more than 1.5 million MWh per year. In 2004, Kompact Grid, traded more than 50 million euros of electricity, providing customers with the 18 parks operated, an average return on investment of 7%, a performance similar to the international average.


Customer satisfaction

In each activity, we set clear and simple goals, we avoid simplistic approaches, and most importantly, we provide our partners with the promised revenue.


The electricity trading market requires a qualified approach in order to recoup the investment rates in line with the international practice. Kompact Grid has the task of operating renewable energy parks and trading their output optimally so our partners can gain the revenue planned at the start of the investments, with the help of a professional and motivated team with full services and competitive cost, a true mutually beneficial partnership. We fulfill our mission to each and every partner because we know how to optimize energy production by reducing the time out, we find the best cost-per-functionality solutions and last but not least, we are constantly looking to reduce operating costs by adopting strategies that can quickly adapt to a chaining market and legislation.


Customer satisfaction

 In each activity, we set clear and simple goals, we avoid simplistic approaches, and most importantly, we provide our partners with the promised revenue.

Efficiency and professionalism

Team Spirit

 We combine knowledge, legal compliance, science gained in the field of renewable energy with the help of each team member in order to generate result at least according to the plans. Our team is a mix of disciplines, experiences and qualifications that guarantee the ability to find the best solutions for our partners.


In 2010 KompactGrid, in partnership with Viitor Plus NGO, has contributed substantially to the planting of an 8-hectare forest near Dragos-Voda, Calarasi County and took care of the forest until it was inaugurated in 2014.

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Kompact Gird offers complete services for wind and photovoltaic parks, including the sale of the electricity produced. The available services are:.

Greenfield development

Research and consultancy: cyclicity measurements, wind direction and intensity, available land evaluation, feasibility studies, business and production simulation on different scenarios.

Construction and delivery

It includes supervision of construction and electrical works, turbines lifting and installation, telecommunication systems installation of, forecasting system integration of the park, etc.

Commercial operation entering

Includes procedures for preparing the park for green certificates and entering the energy trading market, mediating market entry, and ensuring that all conditions are met in order to receive green certificates and to trade energy production in the market.

Project development

Includes advice for obtaining all permits – including construction and arrangement, respectively optimizing subsumed projects, such as turbine foundations, turbine access, etc.

National transport network connection

Included streamlining procedures for meeting the statutory compliance criteria of the plants, certificates, permits and required authorizations, i.e. obtaining licenses and accreditations for operating plants.

Commercial operations

Includes park management (subcontractors’ coordination, internal control procedures, information flow correction and control between subcontractors, cost optimization, etc.), strategic energy management and green certificates in accordance with the chaining legislation, respectively the strategy design and internal reporting and also external reporting to institutions.

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